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Constable Head, Stilt Walking Policeman
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Stilt Walking
Professional Stilt Walker
Constable Head
Victorian Policeman with high moral values and strict opinions on discipline.
Nothing goes unnoticed by this long leg of the law.

Captain Peg
Captain  Peg
An old sea dog who stole Drakes Drum that he is proud to beat in time with shanty tunes he plays on the pipe.. He also plays various tunes on the concertina when he’s not telling a tall story about his missing leg.
Looks mean. Talks mean.
Walks tall and will spin a rope and a yarn
if you................. dare to ask

This faceless spectre brings an eerie silent presence to any twilight or moon lit event.

Old Father Christmas
The Green Knight
Old Father Christmas
The Green Knight
The Spirit of Christmas Present
 Bertilak from the Arthurian Legends

Uncle Sam
  Uncle Sam
Star spangled pride of America
  A wizard with his head amongst the stars

Professor Optical, Stilt Walker
Professor Optical
A talkative, juggling, magical Victorian/Edwardian gentleman.

Mister Yule Esq
Mister Yule Esq

Festive Dickensian character who keeps the old traditional Christmas alive with his vast repertoire of carols played on pipe and tabor, concertina and melodeon.
‘A one man band above the rest’.

"We all so enjoyed the Victorian Christmas Fayre at Worcester and your fine music added to the total effect and ambience. Next December we look forward to visiting the Fayre again".
(Graham Roberts.)


Cyril Mistletoe. Night watch /Bellman to the gentry.
As well as being a purveyor of traditional festive music and hearty greetings for
Christmas, Cyril is also available for other occasions throughout the year.
Although not a stilt walking character, Cyril is well elevated upon his ladder which, can on request, bare the name of the County, City, Town or Village in which he is summoned to be about his business.
Not only will he ‘call the hours’ but can be prevailed upon to entertain with music, magic, juggling
and a story or two.

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Dapper Character. Frequents Henley, Wimbledon and Ascot. In fact anywhere attractive young ladies or older ones who have 'means' can be found.
Great for children. His days in the field can be quite lonely so when given the chance he will babble on for hours about country matters and why he is looking after Mrs Wren's nest.
Medieval Stiltwalker

Peter Optical as a Stilt walker is ideal for Medieval and Tudor themed entertainment.
While stiltwalking he can also be a Juggler, jester, magician or minstrel.
Sometimes for stilt walkabouts Peter Optical is accompanied by a dancing, stilt walking puppet fashioned in his own image as a medieval entertainer.

Stilt Puppet

Stilt walking is an authentic skill of the Medieval and Tudor entertainers, Elizabethan jester, fool and clown; so therefore a magical, musical and juggling Medieval or Tudor stilt walker is perfect for Medieval, Tudor street entertainment plus meet and greet, mix and mingle at all Medieval and Tudor events including banquets and Medieval Themed Weddings.

Other stilt walking characters available are
Toastmaster, White Rabbit, Vicar, Ringmaster, Grim reaper, Count Dracula.

Over 35 years experience in Theatre and the associated arts at home and abroad.
Equity Member/Public Liability Insurance/Standard & Enhanced CRB disclosure Certificates.

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Stilt walking is also taught by Peter Optical in his popular circus skills workshops for schools see: -
Circus Skills.

Prices on request.
Telephone; 01702715882
Mobile ; 07947536634

Themed Weddings, Medieval and Tudor Banquets, Corporate and street Entertainment, Fairs, Festivals

The following counties have, at one time or another, all been host to the stilt walking skills of
Peter Optical and his stilt creations
Bedfordshire. Berkshire. Buckinghamshire. Cambridgeshire. Cheshire. Cornwall. Cumberland. Derbyshire. Devon. Dorset. Durham. Essex. Gloucestershire. Hampshire. Herefordshire. Hertfordshire. Huntingdonshire. Kent. Lancashire. Leicestershire. Lincolnshire. Middlesex. Norfolk.. Northamptonshire. Northumberland. Nottinghamshire. Oxfordshire. Rutland. Shropshire. Somerset. Staffordshire. Suffolk. Surrey. Sussex. Warwickshire. Westmorland. Wiltshire. Worcestershire. Yorkshire.

Peter has also been happy to perform in Wales, Jersey, Guernsey Sark and abroad.

In all cases Clients will be requested to confirm bookings by letter, e-mail or formal contract.

Please note that such confirmations are legally binding.

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